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Catching up before vacation

I have been meaning to write about an author’s’ visit I attended a couple of weeks ago that was truly inspirational.  As part of “One Book, One Town,” sponsored by the Fairfield Public Library, the author of a book/long poem on the Titanic spoke to our community.  I saw him in action with adults and with children and he was marvelous.  Allan Wolf, author of “The Watch That Ends the Night,” came to Fairfield.  If you haven’t read the book, do yourself a favor and read it.  Remember it’s being written by a poet, not a historian.  One tidbit:  at lunch I asked him if he threw away a lot of material from the book before it was printed, and he told me that he had written over 150 pages about the adventures of the rats on the ship and it all got cut.  (He does give one rat a part in the book.)  I told him he needed to dig that up and issue it the way we get “bonus material” when we buy a movie on DVD after it’s been in theaters.  (He laughed.)

We’re having an April vacation next week.  That statement may seem rather bland until you really that the chances of this vacation being retained in its entirety were slim and none after the Halloween Snowstorm and Hurricane Irene.  For this full vacation to happen, we needed to go the entire winter with no more than one snow day cancellation.  What happened?  We had the first snowless winter on record, with the only significant accumulation occurring on a Saturday morning.  Hence, a full April vacation.

In related news — high school graduations are now officially set for Thursday, June 21.  The Board of Education set these dates at Tuesday’s meeting.  This means that, even if there were some freak cancellation of school between now and then, high school graduations can occur on this date.  (Any cancelled days would still need to be made up, sorry.)

We had a productive (and relatively short) meeting with many of the RTM members on our budget on Monday night. I did a presentation (it’s on our website under Budget) and then answered questions for about 90 minutes.  Next up are committee meetings on April 23 and April 25.  It’s not clear what the format will be at those sessions, or if public comment will be taken.  Jeff Steele, RTM moderator, told the group on Monday that the best date and time for public comment on the budget will be the full RTM meeting on Monday, April 30 (8:00 pm, BOE offices).  Individual committee chairmen may allow public comment at their committee meetings but it’s not a sure thing.

We’re piloting new Report Cards (Progress Reports) at the elementary level for implementation next year.  We are looking for parent input.  Elementary parents have a choice of 3 dates to attend meetings on the new system.  We also have the drafts up on the website and a link for folks to give input.  You don’t have to go to a meeting to give your input.

Keep your eyes on Hartford over the next few weeks.  A massive reform bill (Senate Bill 24) was proposed by the governor and is now being worked on by the legislature.  If you’re not up to speed on it, just Google “Senate Bill 24″ and you’ll have plenty of reading material!

I will be on vacation next week.  Next blog entry will be the week of April 23.

Posted on April 12, 2012 at 4:44 pm

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