Elementary K-5

K Grade General Music (PDF)
1st Grade General Music (PDF)
2nd Grade General Music (PDF)
3rd Grade General Music (PDF)
4th Grade General Music (PDF)
4th grade orchestra (PDF)
5th Grade General Music (PDF)
5th grade orchestra (PDF)
5th grade band (PDF)

Middle School 6-8

6th Grade Band (PDF)
6th grade chorus (PDF)
6th grade music technology (PDF)
6th grade orchestra (PDF)
7th grade band (PDF)
7th grade chorus (PDF)
7th grade music technology (PDF)
7th grade orchestra (PDF)
8th grade band (PDF)
8th grade chorus (PDF)
8th grade music technology (PDF)
8th grade orchestra (PDF)
State of Connecticut Music Standards 5-8 (PDF)

High School 9-12

Beginning Piano Keyboard Class (PDF)
Chamber Orchestra (PDF)
Concert Band and Wind Ensemble (PDF)
Concert Orchestra and Symphonic Orchestra (PDF)
Jazz Curriculum (PDF)
Music Technology I (PDF)
Music Technology II (PDF)
Music Theory I (PDF)
Music Theory II (PDF)
Standards State of Connecticut Music (PDF)
Vocal Ensembles (PDF)
Voice Class (PDF)

Draft Music Curriculum Documents

Philosophy (PDF)
Grade Pre-K and K General Music (PDF)
Grade 1 General Music (PDF)
Grade 2 General Music (PDF)
Grade 3 General Music (PDF)
Grade 4 General Music (PDF)
Grade 5 General Music (PDF)
5th Grade Choir (PDF)
Choral Skill (PDF)
4th Grade Strings (PDF)
5th Grade Strings (PDF)
Strings Skill Levels (PDF)
5th Grade Band (PDF)
Band Skill Levels (PDF)

Music Presentation 2018

5/8/2018 Music Presentation (PDF)