Advanced Placement Summer Assignments

Advanced Placement summer assignments are listed below. If there is no school listed after the subject then the assignment is for both schools.



Art FLHS Virginia Zimmermann (DOC)


Computer Science (PDF)

Micro Economics (PDF)

Language Arts

American Studies FWHS Irizarry and Murphy (PDF)

American Studies FLHS Mishuck and Parisi (PDF)

Language & Composition FWHS Pollex, Landowne, and Novick (PDF)

Language & Composition FLHS Hilton Parrish (PDF)

Literature & Composition FWHS Faber and Frattaroli (PDF)

Literature & Composition FLHS Ingram and Nulf (PDF)


Calculus Summer Packet Solutions (PDF)

Calculus Summer Packet (PDF)


Chemistry (2013-2014) (PDF)

Social Studies

American Studies (PDF)

European History (PDF)

Government & Politics (PDF)

US History (PDF)

World Language

French (PDF)

Latin (PDF)

Spanish (PDF)