Social Studies

The Social Studies Program of the Fairfield Public Schools provides students with the knowledge, skills, and attitude necessary to make reasoned decisions as productive participants in a democratic nation and a culturally diverse interconnected world.  The curriculum fosters an understanding of how the physical setting, economic and political systems, cultural influences, and increased interdependence have impacted human history, as well as how that history shapes our perceptions of current and emerging trends.

Students are asked to show their genuine understanding through the application of knowledge, interpretation of information, acknowledgement of multiple perspectives, display of empathy for others’ situation, and by making connections to one’s own life and experiences.

Finally, it is essential that the design and implementation of social studies education be a liberating force in the life of every citizen.  It calls for all citizens to be public spirited and self-sacrificing with the work we do in social studies, highlighting the connection between social studies learning, productive citizenship, and democratic values.

The standards found in the Fairfield Public School’s social studies curriculum documents are the same as the state standards in the Connecticut Social Studies Framework.

To accomplish this vision of developing scholars and citizens the Fairfield Public Schools:

  • Provide for the development of an articulated and rigorous program of instruction for all students

  • Set graduation requirements including successfully completing Fairfield’s K-5 and 6-8 social studies program and a minimum of three years of social studies coursework at the high school level

  • Provide a scope of offerings that allow students to demonstrate an understanding of the concept of culture and how different perspectives emerge from different cultures.

  • Provide a program which enables students to access information from a variety of sources by employing appropriate technologies

  • Provide instruction to help students think logically, write effectively,analyze and solve a variety of problems and make informed decisions.

  • Provide a variety of learning opportunities based upon the needs of students


Elementary K-5

Kindergarten Social Studies (PDF)

Grade 1 Social Studies (PDF)

Grade 2 Social Studies (PDF)

Grade 3 Social Studies (PDF)

Grade 4 Social Studies (PDF)

Grade 5 Social Studies (PDF)


Middle School 6-8

Standards CT Social Studies Framework 2008 (PDF)

Grade 6 Ancient Civilizations (PDF)

Grade 7 Geography for Life (PDF)

Grade 8 A More Perfect Union (PDF)


High School 9-12

Standards APA Psychology 9-12 (PDF)

Standards CT SDE curriculum trace map 9-12 (PDF)

Standards CT Social Studies Framework 2008 (PDF)

Advanced Placement Modern European History (PDF)

AP United States History (PDF)

Advanced Placement US Government & Politics (PDF)

Economics (PDF)

Modern European History 41 (PDF)

Pschology Full Year (PDF)

Psychology Semester (PDF)

US History 31 (PDF)

US History 32 (PDF)

Modern Global Studies (PDF)

Global Studies 10 (PDF)


Draft High School 9-12

Advanced Placement Psychology (PDF)

AP Psychology BOE Presentation 6/10/14 (PDF)