Information Technology

Distributed Model

District Allocation for classroom and lab computers

The following are the district computer allocations by level and classroom based on the technology steering plan, as of 4-28-06:

Elementary School: 

Grades K-3: One student computer and one teacher computer with two printers per classroom

Grades 4-5: Five student computers and one teacher computer with two printers per classroom.

Elementary Computer Labs: LMC 28 student computers, two circulations desk computers and one computer for LMS and EMT; one color laser, one monochrome laser.

Elementary Resource Rooms: 2 student computers and 1 teacher computer plus one printer.

Middle School:

Grades 6-8: 5 student computers for each academic classroom ( Math, English, Science, Social Studies, World Language)

Middle School Labs: 28 Computers per lab plus one monochrome printer ( medium capacity)

High School:

One Teacher computer per classroom

28 computers per writing lab plus two monochrome printers

Other  Labs as defined by the curriculum. ( i.e. Art, music, CAD, Tech Ed, Science, social studies)

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