Cancellations/Delays Guidelines

The decision process

When inclement weather has the potential of impacting the safety of our students and staff, the school district relies on many professional resources to guide us in our decision to close or delay school.  Information is obtained from the national weather service, state and local police departments, the Department of Public Works and from other school districts prior to a decision being made.  The decision is made at the district level, not by the schools. 

A decision to open late or to close school needs to be made prior to 6:00 a.m. due to bus schedules.  If weather conditions are likely to improve, the preference is to delay rather than close so that the school day is not lost, but safety is always our foremost concern.  Unfortunately, the weather is not always cooperative and a decision to delay may change to a decision to close.  We make every effort to announce this change by 7:30 a.m. 

Early dismissal decisions need to be made by 10:30 a.m. so that the drivers and the buses will be available.  We must base our decisions on predicted weather conditions that do not always come to fruition.  Again, safety is our primary consideration. 

Once a decision is made, we notify a vast number of media: The Talkline (255-TALK) is updated, is notified, then the radio stations, TV stations and our district webmaster.  Updates are posted as quickly as possible. 

Delayed Openings are two hours* after the normal starting time.*(this was changed from 90 minutes beginning the 2005-06 school year)

Early Dismissal usually occurs after a 4 hour instructional day, but unusual conditions could dictate a different schedule.


It is the responsibility of parents/guardians  to secure information regarding delayed openings or early dismissals

Information is provided by:

The Fairfield Public Schools "hot line" at 255-TALK (8255)

Local radio stations WICC, 600AM and WEZN, 99.9FM

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