From the Principal



August 22, 2016

Dear Burr Student,

Welcome back! I hope you had an awesome, cool, fun-filled summer. Perhaps you read a great book, went on a bike riding adventure, or just hung out at the beach. Whatever you did, I hope you had an opportunity to relax, daydream, play outside, and laugh – a lot.

During July and August (believe it or not) I worked at Burr. It was definitely quiet here, and you were definitely missed, but I did a lot of work to get ready for this school year. I also had some fun too. I read a few books, played a lot of tennis, and visited California with my family.

For our upcoming school year, I would encourage (and challenge) you to think about two very important ideas: First, be a learner. Be curious about the things that interest you. Ask questions. Read books that challenge you and make you think. Write stories that express who you are and what’s important to you. When you come to a difficult problem, be persistent and resilient. Instead of getting frustrated and giving up, enjoy trying to figure things out. Do your homework (and do it well) and know that learning should be fun and exciting and full of wonder. Believe in yourself! Second, be grateful. Gratitude is about giving more than you take and being thankful for what (and who) you have in your life.

So, take care of our beautiful building, reach out to people who look like they need a friend, and always, always – be respectful to the adults in your lives. We are truly a community at Burr, and the contributions you make every day to our community are unique and important.

I hope you read a lot this summer and logged your minutes into the Fairfield Public Library’s website. If we reach a certain goal as a school, we will have a special day at Burr. I also hope that you wrote stories, visited a museum, and completed the summer math packet.

Please make sure to give your teacher the contract included in the math packet. Whether you are new to Burr or someone who has spent all of their school years here, it’s going to be an awesome year! Enjoy the rest of your summer, and I can’t wait to see you soon.

Mr. Bluestein