Grade 4 and 5: Image Search and Citation Sites

Safe Image Searching

You may search for pictures on the following sites:

Pics for Learning easiest to attribute

Photos for Class download to see attribution 


Primary School ICT (Safe Search) use image tab- not for online student projects- difficult to attribute

Noodle Tools– Find templates for the information needed to create a citation for your bibliography.

EasyBib for creating citations

If you are posting your work online, you will need to cite the source where you got it from (unless it is in the public domain)! Searching for an image with a “CC” Creative Commons license is the best way to be sure you have permission to use digital images.


Here are two ways to get an image from online into your Word, PowerPoint or Photostory:


1. Click on the picture so it is big.

2. Right click, then COPY

3. Go to your PowerPoint, Word document or Photostory

4. Right Click, PASTE

Save and Insert Picture

1. Click on picture so it is big.

2. Right Click, then SAVE PICTURE AS

3. Save it in your H DRIVE or as directed

4. Go to your Word or PowerPoint document

5. Click INSERT, PICTURE, navigate to your picture and click on it.