Grade 4 Science Links


LEGO Wedo Guide



Note: Some of the following sites are from the United Kingdom or UK. They use a different term for electricity that comes through power lines- it is referred to as “mains” electricity!

What is Electricity

Circuits and Conductors. How they work along with activities.

Circuits. Learn what they are.

Changing Circuits See if you can make the circuit work!

ElectroBot. See how well you do completing circuits!

The Blobz Guide to Electric Circuits Information on circuits work, interactive activities and quizzes from Staffordshire University.

Circuit World. Create circuits from scratch using various parts.

Annie’s Circuit Builder

Using Electricity

Physics Education Technology Go to the simulations menu on the left to try various interactive activities. Requires Java Script to run (a free download is provided if you scroll down the page- check with your parents first!)

Create Circuits This might need to be downloaded before use. Ask your teacher if you have a question.

Ben Franklin: How Shocking! Learn about Ben’s experiments and see demos showing how static electricity works. From PBS.

Static Charges– do you know which object will create them?

Power Play: An activity about capturing power. Can you make the dog walker run?

How do we make Electricity?

Aliant Energy Kids– online games to test your knowledge about electricity and its use!

How a Battery Works

Electric Motors and How They Work

The Energy Story. Learn about different sources of energy.


BBC Science Clips Select a topic from the screens shown or search for others. Lots of fun, interactive activites to help you learn about science.


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