Mrs. Maniscalco

December 20, 2018


Dear Families,

December has been a very busy time of year for us here at Dwight. Last week, kindergarten presented Celebrations around the World for both their parents and for the school. Their performance included signing, dance and narration. We were so proud of our youngest students for their confidence and ability to perform in front of an audience! Second grade went to Sacred Heart for the musical production of the Magic Snowflake. I was fortunate enough to be able to join them. The musical was interactive, and our Dwight group happily sang along and participated with enthusiasm. Third grade had an in school field trip that incorporated science, social studies and a bit of math as they studied the Connecticut River and how communities grew over time. Last week, our band students had a small concert for their parents before school and played festive tunes during arrival – it was really quite magical! Thanks to all of you, parents, for supporting our students and programs.

December is also the month in which we focused on Empathy. Our students demonstrate their understanding of empathy by including others at play, in their daily work, and when helping each other. I sent you an article on how you can incidentally teach your children empathy every day. If we work together, we can grow kind, curious, strong students who can happily participate in school and in the community at large. Again, thank you for your support. It takes a village!

When December arrives, many of us take part in the hustle and bustle of the season which is such fun! December also brings time for reflection: What went well this year? What needs improvement? This is an annual opportunity to help us focus on being our best selves. How can we contribute to our society? How can we help others? How can we share our gifts to make a difference? Only through continual self-examination, can we meet our full potential. Our students are such a fine example of striving to learn and grow each day. They can be our best teachers!

I wish all of you a peaceful and fun holiday season with your friends and families. Make every moment of this break count. We are so blessed to have these fabulous children among us. Thank you for sending us such outstanding students with whom to work. Also, huge thanks to so many of you who sent cards and tokens of appreciation to both staff and to me. It means a lot to be acknowledged for our work, as it is our true passion to teach and support children each day.



Mimi Maniscalco