Office Phone (203) 255-8310

Fax (203) 255-8290

Administration: Kristen Bruno, Director of Preschool Services

Classroom A: Sandi Cohen Battistoni

Classroom B: Eileen Fagan

Classroom C: Tammy Theis-Satterlee

Classroom D: Bret Cowan

Classroom E: Rachel Cappello

Classroom F: Caitlyn Wilox-Biron

Paraprofessionals and Education Trainers-

Classroom A: Miss Gerri & Miss Pam

Classroom B: Miss Cathy & Miss Barb

Classroom C: Miss Pat, Miss Julie, Miss Kristy, Miss Annie, & Miss Allison

Classroom D: Miss Kathy, Miss Debby, Miss Tracy, & Miss Jill

Classroom E: Miss Kass & Miss Jess

Classroom F: Miss Peggy & Miss MaryBeth

Office Staff- Judy Baldyga, Secretary

Clerical: Shannon Goodchild

Susan Doucette-Cox, Nurse

Related Services-

Speech and Language Pathologists-

Pat Condon

Kathy Gardner

Janet Kane

Emily Landin

Jerriann Mitchell

Shannon Superfin

Jenny Huynh


Physical Therapists:

 Michele Farrelly

Megan Giancarli

Lauren Harris

Occupational Therapists:

 Andrea Loaiza

Rebecca Mydland

Sara Sweeney


School Psychologists:

Gina Hallock

 Ashley Walsh

Social Worker:

 Katy Lee



Physical Education Teacher: Miss Kenya McVey



Security: Officer Braham