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785 Unquowa Road
Fairfield, CT 06824
Tel: (203) 255-7201
Fax: (203) 255-7213
Greg Hatzis
Warner House
House Office
(203) 255-7223
Counseling Office
(203) 255-7225
Webster House
House Office
(203) 255-7236
Counseling Office
(203) 255-7238
Wright House
House Office
(203) 255-7240
Counseling Office
(203) 255-7242
Falcon Flyer -- May 8, 2017
Parent Letters A17 & B17 for website     Parking Map-Graduation 17
Final Exam Schedule 2017
Staff & Students Highlights April 2017-2
Computer Proficiency Exam

  • The Computer Proficiency Test will be offered for the last time this school year on June 12th at 12:10 in room 303. Sign up using the following website OR by scanning the QR code below:
  • The Computer course is also offered over the summer. Be on the lookout for Summer School information in our newsletter next month!
Solar Carport Proposal Fact Sheet and FAQ's
Caelum, FLHS Yearbook--Josten's website
FLHS School Improvement Plan 2016-17  
Subject Area Honor Society Common Application 17 - v3 (003)