Student Status Question & Answer
I am a FLHS graduate and need to get a copy of my transcript, what do I do?
  • Mail the Transcript Request Form to
  • Fairfield Ludlowe High School
    ATTN: Transcripts
    785 Unquowa Road
    Fairfield, CT 06824
Is there a fee for transcripts?
  • There is no fee for transcript requests for current students or if you graduated within the year. Students who have already graduated will be charged a $3.00 fee.
What is the process to transfer to FLHS? 
  • Please call central office to schedule an appointment at 203-255-8377. Once an appointment has been made and residency has been proved, a meeting will be scheduled with an FLHS counselor.
If my child was to transfer, what’s the timeline to do so? 
  • Students may transfer at any time.
If my child was to transfer, will his/her GPA carry over? 
  • Students who transfer to FLHS will receive credit for courses taken. Only courses taken at FLHS will be included in a student’s official GPA.
Current Can I make teacher changes?

  • Unfortunately, we cannot accommodate teacher changes. If you are having difficulty in a class, we recommend speaking with your teacher or we can make an appointment and hold a teacher meeting.
Can I take extra classes in stead of a lunch period?
  • We are required by Connecticut state law to provide you with a lunch period, so you are unable to replace your lunch with a class.
How much time can I expect to complete work outside of class for certain courses? 
  • Click here for estimated times per course.

Where can I find each course syllabus? 

  • Click here for course information.
Where can I find scholarship information?
  • You can find scholarship information on Naviance.
How do I get my Naviance username and password?
  • If you have difficulty logging in, visit your school counseling office and we can reset your username/password.
What do I do if my family is moving?
  • If a family moves, the school counseling department in your house office needs to be notified.
How does my child sign up for the SAT or ACT?
  • You can sign up here for the SAT or ACT
Who do I call to report my child’s absence?
  • You need to contact the house office secretaries
  • Warner House – Mrs. Grumman 203-255-7223
  • Webster House – Mrs. Grella 203-255-7236
  • Wright House – Mrs. Palmieri 203-255-7240
What is the status regarding attendance requirements? 
Refer to page 7 in the Student Handbook.
How do I get in touch with my child’s teachers?
  • Go to the FLHS website to view the staff directory. You can email your child’s teachers from there.
What are the FLHS graduation requirements?
Refer to page 7 in the Program of Studies.
Are students allowed to graduate early?
  • Yes. Students must meet with their counselor to determine their eligibility based on credits and requirements.