Mindfulness Resources

What is Mindfulness?

Jimmy Fallon: Watch Jimmy practice mindfulness here.

Inner Health Studio: free relaxation scripts to work on coping skills related to stress management, anxiety, panic attacks, anger, pain relief, and insomnia. The website also has relaxing imagery available for download.

Kelty Mental Health Resource Center: offers free mindfulness audio resources covering nutrition, physical activity, sleep, stress, and ways of healthy living. Doctors from BC Children’s Hospital offer their expertise and have recorded many of their own meditations.

Mindful Teachers: mindful activities and teaching resources

Mindfulness For Teens: designed specifically for teens to learn more about mindfulness. It features diverse youth voices, useful guided mediations, and even a blog that highlights different ways teens are engaging in mindfulness.

Relaxation Script For Teens:

Click here.

UCLA Health Website: free guided meditations that offer mindfulness meditation to both English and Spanish speakers. Examples include loving kindness meditations, body scans, and Spanish meditations for eating with more mindfulness.


Mindfulness Daily is a free mobile app that allows the user to create a mindfulness practice that only takes a few minutes every day. A few minutes in the morning, a short pause during the day, and a reflection in the evening can really help its users turn inward and pay more attention to what gives them pause.

Simply Yoga is a free mobile app that offers personal training for fast yoga workouts, poses, and exercises that can be done at home.