Fairfield Rotary Scholarship 2018 Application

Orthopaedic & Sports Medicine Center Scholarship Application 2018

Scholarship Night Presentation Handout 2017

Scholarship Night Presentation 2017



Scholarship Information – Each year a number of scholarships are made available to students. In an effort to help you take full advantage of these scholarships, we have put together a list. Scholarships are advertised on Naviance complete with links and downloadable applications when available. The Naviance link is located to the right. These notices will give students some basic information concerning scholarships offered annually. Students are advised to check Naviance on a weekly basis. It is very important that this list not be the only guide used to investigate scholarships.
For further information:

  • Contact the financial aid officers at colleges. Many times there are university scholarships available.
  • Use the resources of the College and Career Center including our own media center, to research possible scholarship opportunities.
  • Ask at your place of employment, church, or civic group about any scholarship opportunities.

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