Drop Off/Pick Up/Absences Information

  •        Please do not drop off your child at school before 8:00 AM.  There are no adults available to supervise your child before 8:00 AM.


  •  Please arrive at school between 8:00 AM – 8:10 AM.  Drop off your child at the flagpole or at the main entrance.  If your child arrives at 8:10 AM or later, please bring him/her to the Main Office for a tardy slip (you do not have to wait with your child for the slip).  Your child must be in his/her classroom by 8:10 AM or else they will be marked tardy.


  •  If your child will be late or absent, please do not call the office.  You must call the absentee line at 203-255-8412 and leave a message (between 3:00 PM the previous day and 9:00 AM on the day of the absence), even if you have emailed the teacher.


  • School Dismissal is at 2:45 PM.  Please be here promptly to pick up your child.  Meet your child at the flagpole or at the classroom door (please note that due to construction, not all classroom doors are accessible for pick up).  Please send a note in the morning with your child.  No one should be coming into the front door for pick up unless it is an emergency.


  •  Please do not call the office after 1:30 PM for pick up changes unless you have an emergency.  All pick up instructions, with a written note for the teacher, should be sent in with your child in the morning.  Calling the office for these changes causes many disruptions to classroom learning and concentration.  On some days classrooms are interrupted more than 5 times with pick up changes.  All these non-emergency calls tie up office phones for real emergencies. (Non-emergencies are play dates, pick up location change, child going to Brownies, Cub Scouts, etc.)


  •  Reminder – no dogs are allowed on school property.


  •   No student is allowed to be dropped off in the parking lot, please use the drop off loop.
  •   No one is to drive up the driveway on your right, near the 1st grade classrooms.
  •    Drop off is near the flagpole, beyond the parking lot.  Adults and safety patrols are there to supervise your children.
  •   Drop off is drop off!  Parents should stay in their car.  Your child should be ready to exit the car.  His/her coat and backpack should already be on.  Please have your child exit your car as quickly and safely as possible on the sidewalk side of the car.
  •  All children arriving before 8:10 AM are to enter the building through the gym doors near the flagpole, not the front doors.  (Only orchestra, band and bus students should be entering the front doors before 8:10 AM.)
  • Any student not in their classroom at 8:10 AM is considered late and must go to the front office for a tardy slip (you do not have to wait with your child for the slip).


  •  It is illegal to park on the left hand side of the street after you exit the parking lot.
  • If you need to wait for a child, park all the way up the hill so your car is out of the flow of the flagpole traffic and does not interfere with pick up.
  • Use the crosswalk to walk from the school to the parking lot.  DO NOT walk across the street at the flagpole.  There are cars leaving from the flagpole line and the parking lot and it is very dangerous.