Staff Member Position Email
Molly Farrell Principal [email protected]
Rita Ioanna Secretary [email protected]
Leslie Ford Instructional Improvement [email protected]
Micki Vipond School Nurse [email protected]
Bridgett Kurtz Kindergarten [email protected]
Meghann Ralabate Kindergarten [email protected]
Stephanie Rosado Kindergarten [email protected]
Jackie DePierro First Grade [email protected]
Laura Dacorte First Grade [email protected]
 Kayla O’Donnell  First Grade  [email protected]
Katie Grady Second Grade [email protected]
Stacey Moore Second Grade [email protected]
Cindy Pierce Second Grade [email protected]
Paulette White Third Grade [email protected]
Pat Tyler Third Grade [email protected]
 Tara Bainer Third Grade [email protected]
Michelle Correll Fourth Grade [email protected]
Kristy Macoy Fourth Grade [email protected]
 Dennis Pryor  Fourth Grade  [email protected]
Kim Battista  Fifth Grade [email protected]
 Maureen Mocker Fifth Grade [email protected]
Tara Shay Fifth Grade [email protected]
Amy Martin Language Arts Specialist [email protected]
Melissa Rodrigue Language Arts Specialist [email protected]
Lynne Fuchs Math & Science Teacher [email protected]
Maite Petrosini Special Education [email protected]
Erica Mueller Special Education [email protected]
Ali Fuchs Special Education [email protected]
 Jill Jarvis  Special Education  [email protected]
Nicole Hovan  Special Education [email protected]
Briana Blaney


Speech & Language Pathologist [email protected]
Kim Zuker School Psychologist [email protected]
Chris Olson School Social Worker [email protected]
Helen Cihi Art [email protected]
Ryan Carroll Gifted and Talented [email protected]
Jon Noyes Music [email protected]
Clare Stafstrom School Library Media [email protected]
Kathryn Klaassens Physical Education [email protected]
Bob Bove Physical Education [email protected]
Brian Borrelli Band [email protected]
Jessica Cerasoli Music [email protected]
Veronica Sanford ELL [email protected]
Suzanne Sugrue Spanish [email protected]
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