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Global Read Aloud 2017 Kick Off Video

Mem Fox – author study with 2nd Graders


The Wild Robot by Peter Brown – Read Aloud with 4th and 5th Graders

Global Read Aloud 2015

The chosen book for this year is “Fish in a Tree” by Lynda Mullaly Hunt.

fish in a tree snip

We will be reading this book at Jennings with our 4th and 5th graders, at the same time thousands of other students around the world are reading it as well.

We will add more links, announcements and materials regarding this event as they become available to us.

Author Lynda Mullaly Hunt will be posting a video each Thursday responding to questions from students. They will be posted here, so stay tuned!

Watch author Lynda Myllaly Hunt’s video of welcome to the GRA and her reading chapter one from Fish in a Tree.

Lynda Mullaly Hunt reading chapter 8 and responding to questions from chapters 1- 8.

Lynda Mullaly Hunt reading chapter 17 and responding to questions from chapters 9 – 17.

Lynda Mullaly Hunt reading chapter 24 and responding to questions from chapters 18 – 24.

For more videos of the author reading chapters of the book and responding to questions click here to visit her blog.
Our Participation in the Global Read Aloud at Jennings:


5C – Kidblog
5F – Kidblog
5R – Kidblog

Global Read Aloud 2014




Post responses to the questions raised by 4th and 5th graders at Jennings here:

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To have a feel of the global approach of this project please check some of the links below:

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What is Possible/Impossible? – Michigan students thinking about things people consider impossible now and wondering what it would be like if they were actually possible.

Jack Andraka – TED talk – a promising test for pancreatic cancer… from a teenager

Ask the author – Do you have any questions for Jennifer Holm? Submit this form and she may respond!

Last chapter – Read by the author herself!

Jennifer Holm responding to questions from readers of “The Fourteenth Goldfish”