10 Fingers Typing Practice

All of our 2nd to 5th grade students have Typing Pal accounts. Typing Pal is an online based typing program that students can use anywhere where they have access to a computer with Internet connection. We have been using Typing Pal at Jennings school for the past 3 years. 

We take a few weeks in LLC time to introduce 2nd graders to Typing Pal and explain the key elements for successful typing including: 10 fingers typing, good posture, and practicing on a regular basis.  

We encourage children to improve on what they have learned in school by practicing at home every week. The crucial element in practicing at home is the need for correct finger placement. We emphasize this in school and would like those practices to be continued at home. In elementary school, correct finger placement and accuracy are much more important than speed.

For the next coupe of months students in 2nd and 3rd grades will be assigned typing practice exercises as part of their weekly homework packet.

For information about keyboard expectations and copies of the homework packets please click the links below:

2nd Grade Keyboarding

3rd Grade Keyboarding

Your child can log in using the Typing Pal icon on Jennings Virtual Library Page:

typing Pal


Happy Typing!

Mrs. P