1st Graders’ Imagine with Wixie

Our first graders’ imagination has been working on discovering new and interesting ways to look at a box and a stick. 

Antoinette Portis’s wonderful books: “Not a Box”  and “Not a Stick” have put the foundations for fun project. Both stories invite students to a land of possibilities where imagination is the limit!  

After we read the 2 stories, we brainstormed what a box or a stick can become if we use our imagination.

not-a-box not-a-stick

Our 1st graders planned and designed their own pages for a class book that combines both versions of “Not A Box”  and “Not a stick”. Using a  graphic organizer to plan their work, they transformed a plain box or stick into a product of their own imagination.

Their drawings and sentences have been combined in Wixie with a sound recording and we now have a 1st grade “Not a box/ Not a stick” versions of the books.

Click play on the presentations below and enjoy the first graders’ imagination at work:


We had a lot of fun and learned a lot during this project.

Mrs. P