Kindergarten Self Portraits

For the past few weeks our Kindergarten students have been exploring Wixie, a publishing and creativity platform that allows students to share what they know through their writing, their voice, and their art.

Our Kindergartners worked very hard in creating their self portraits. In our first Wixie lessons while we just doodled and tried to draw circles and squares, we explored the various Paint tools in Wixie: brushes, pencils, colors, eraser, and ways to fill up a shape. We learned the Undo & Redo commands which come in handy when we have various “oops” moments. As creators we learn how to deal with frustrating tasks and what tools we have at hand that could help us. 

While working on the self portraits we used the text feature in Wixie to type our name so our work is signed like any good artist would do.

And after lots of work, oops-es and fixings, learning and laughing, our Kindergarten self portraits are ready to share.

Click on the play button on the presentations below to view the happy faces of our youngest learners at Jennings:


Have fun in Wixie!


Mrs. P