Principal’s Page

Mill Hill School motto:

Mill Hill School is a home for the mind and heart.

Mill Hill School mission:

To appreciate the individuality of each child,

To refine and further develop his/her natural intrinsic motivation to learn,

To develop skills and knowledge in order to successfully participate and contribute to a global society by providing diverse opportunities within a caring school community.

Principal’s Vision Statement

We at Mill Hill strive to be champions of education, champions of children. We believe that we can reach higher levels of achievement through a constant cycle of reflection that lends itself to close examination and analysis of past and current practice to lead to continuous improvement. Each child is an individual in their own right and thus growth is commensurate to their individual needs and abilities.
More specifically, we collaborate in teams throughout our entire organization. We believe that inherent in the power of collaboration is that collectively we are smarter than any individual in the collective. Through this philosophy we will improve the capacity of administrators, teachers, and other key stakeholders to improve both the overall learning environment for our students and in turn their academic achievement and personal growth.
We are constantly examining student achievement outcomes. This close examination leads to focused reflection to identify instructional practice that produces positive student achievement outcomes for, as we know, there can exist instructional practice that is viewed as effective, but does not produce the desired results. In short, if we are responsive to student learner outcomes, we will improve student achievement.
This structure has clearly defined components that allow for a system of checks and balances that illuminate areas to both replicate and revise. This clear vision, communication of this vision, along with a transparent and well-articulated structure that is aligned in its documentation, tasks, and functioning throughout the organization is the backbone of our success. We strive to nurture the growth of the whole child. We will always work to follow our motto; “Mill Hill is a Home for the Mind and Heart.” Keep your heart in mind.