ABC Books

The Kindergarten classes have made their own ABC books.


Each student chose a ‘letter’ and was asked to make a sentence using one or two words beginning with that letter. 

The students illustrated their sentence using an online publishing application called

Lastly, the students recorded their voices saying their sentence.

Student Directions

1. As a class, read two or three different kinds of ABC books. Notice what is the same and different about each book. Choose an ABC book to take home.

2. Choose your letter. Think about what kind of sentence can have words that begin with that letter. Brainstorm with your partner and table to make the best sentence. Have a teacher write your sentence on your planning sheet. Begin to draw and plan your picture that will illustrate the sentence.

3. Use Wixie’s drawing tools to create your picture

4. Use Wixie’s text tools to type your sentence and type your name (with help if needed)

4. Using Wixie’s recording tools, record your sentence

5. Listen to your class ABC books


Student Examples:









Library Media Kindergarten Curriculum Standards:

1.2B Demonstrate acceptable technology use
2.2A Generate original ideas or products
3.1A Share ideas in a group
3.2A Use a variety of ways to communicate knowledge. Create product using variety of media
3.3A Non-linguistic representations to communicate knowledge
4.1A Appraise and choose resources for personal interest
5.1A Create a slide for a slideshow. Use audio applications to express ideas
5.1B Access personal files and folders with assistance. Navigate network with assistance
5.1C Use interactive online learning application

Fairfield Public Schools Library Media Curriculum