Below are links for the following countries:  CHINA, JAPAN, INDIA

You can use Culturegrams and Encyclopedia Britannica from the main Virtual Library page to look up your country. You can also use the sites below, as well as the books in the LMC, to learn more about it.


Google Maps- click to open

Global Trek: Virtual Tour. China, Japan and India.



National Geographic for Kids

A Day in the Life from Time For Kids

China World Heritage Sites

Virtual Tour of Great Wall of China

Great Wall of China Facts from Duckster

Air Pano 360 Tour of Shanghai

Forbidden City Palace Guide

Terracotta Army Facts from Duckster


Terracotta Army video from National Geographic Kids

Peking Opera video

Discovery Education: China Kite Flying   11 mins

Discovery Education: China – Dance, Puppetry and Acrobatics   11 mins

Discovery Education: China – Forbidden City and Great Wall   11 mins

Discovery Education: China – Food, Terra Cotta Soldiers, Pandas, Martial Arts  11 mins



National Geographic for Kids

A Day in the Life from TFK

India World Heritage Sites

Taj Mahal 360 view from Air Pano

Welcome to India A photo tour from Snaith Primary School in England featuring six stops: Bombay; Mysore; Thrissur; Jaipur and the River Ganges. Click on the pictures to take the tours!

Air Pano 360 Virtual Tour of Taj Mahal Click on the arrow to begin.


Taj Mahal video by Martin Perrett. YouTube. 

Discovery Education: India – yoga, martial arts, language  11 mins

Discovery Education: India – food, fishing, performance   11 mins

Discovery Education: India – traditional pastimes (elephants/cricket)  11 mins

Discovery Education: India – Taj Mahal   11 mins



Explore Japan

National Geographic for Kids

Japan: Time for Kids

A Day in the Life from TFK

Japanese Tea Ceremony– everything you need to know! 

Japan National Tourism Sight

Japan World Heritage Sites

Virtual Tour Himeji Castle

Miyajima: The Wonders of Japan’s Island Shrine 360 View 



Japanese Tea House Tea Ceremony video

Bunraku Puppet Theatre video– learn how it is performed video

Kabuki Theatre– learn about one of the most popular theater arts in Japan video

Discovery Education: Japan – clothing, hair, tea ceremony  11 mins

Discovery Education: Japan – traditional dance, martial arts, food   11 mins

Discovery Education: Japan – manga and animation  11 mins

Discovery Education: Japan – pearl farming  11 mins

Discovery Education: Japan – robotics  11 mins



Geography Games

World Maps from Sheppard Software