Constitution Resources

Online Resources for Learning about the Constitution



Great intro – Time For Kids Video

Britannica: Article on US Constitution  

Enchanted Learning – easy overview of constitution – with timeline of Amendments  


Other Websites:

Congress for Kids website 

Branches of Government – graphic plus explanations   

Ben’s Guide to our government

Simple biographies of 6 framers of the constitution  

Founding Fathers Biographies – higher level

Interactive Constitution from Mr. Nussbaum Website:  What does it say? What does it mean?  

Constitutional convention from Mr. Nussbaum Website



Pebble Go:  Will read to you. 
The Constitution

Declaration of Independence 



Discovery Education Videos:  use NSS log in and password

Field Trip to Library of Congress – preserving the documents    30 mins 

What is the constitution – very simple video  13 mins plus video quiz

Shhh! We are writing the Constitution.    Jean Fritz book – illustrated by Tomi De Paolo    30 mins 


BrainPop Videos


Bill of Rights 

Declaration of Independence  

Constitutional Convention  


Videos:   (in SafeShare)

School House Rock – Preamble 

School House Rock – I Am Just a Bill 

Liberty Kids:  We the People 1st episode  10 mins

Liberty Kids: We The People 2nd episode    10 mins   – sets up civil war nicely – explains how slavery got into constitution

Other Videos:

Scholastic News – kids interview the President.   Why is constitution important today

Other Interesting Scholastic videos 



Scholastic – if you were President