Excel – Basic Skills


Students will learn some basic skills in Excel that then can be applied to units of study in the classroom.


Day 1: Skills lesson – Understanding the Spreadsheet

Students will learn about the basic excel spreadsheet, how to identify, add and sort data, how to add a column of numbers and how to use basic formatting techniques.

Big data spreadsheet

Skills assignment 1


Day 2: Skills lesson – Understanding basic graph creation

Students will learn how to create a chart (graph) in excel, how to format the graph and how to print it with and without the data.


Day 3/4: Applying the Skills: 

Students will research their own data on topics of interest and generate both data spreadsheets and graphs from their research. Students will be able to draw conclusions based on their data.


Excel Tutorials:

Basic Excel Overview – Day 1



Entering Data and Making a Graph – Day 2



Formatting a Graph – Day 2


Printing a Graph – Day 3/4 (Project)