Habitat Research:

Day 1:

Together we watched an introductory video on habitats and talked about what a habitat is, identified various habitats and discussed how they are different.

Discovery Education: Habitats – Homes for Living Things


Day 2:

Students worked independently to “research” various habitats on their own. They chose the habitats they were interested in watching and accessed the BrainPop videos independently using the BrainPop login. 

1. Brainpop Jr. Rainforest

2. Brainpop Jr. Desert

3. Brainpop Jr. Freshwater

4. Brainpop Jr. Forest

5. BrainPop Jr. Ocean

6. BrainPop Jr. Arctic


Day 3:

As a class we investigated five specific habitats and looked at images of the environment, the plants and the animals. We wondered what the story of the “Three Little Pigs” would sound and look like if it were set in a different habitat. Together we told the story in each of the habitats we had just investigated. We used the images to help imagine the story in a new place.


Day 4:

Students used “print-out books” from the presentation on Day 3 to research one specific habitat on their own. They took notes on what they would choose to represent their characters and their setting for the “Three Little Pigs” story in their own habitat. A few students volunteered to re-tell their story using their notes.

     Click here to see how the students took notes:  habitat notes page

Day 5 and 6:

Students used a digital drawing application to draw a scene from their new story using their notes and the “print-out books” for reference. Students were asked to draw their habitat and their animal characters as accurately as possible using their new knowledge. Final drawings were printed out for the students to take home with their notes.

Student Examples:

Habitat: The Rainforest – “The Three Little Toucans and the Big Bad Jaguar”



Habitat: The Desert – “The Three Little Roadrunners and the Black Widow Spider”


Habitat: The Sea – “The Three Little Squid and the Big Bad Shark”


Habitat: The Arctic – “The Three Little Arctic Foxes and the Big Bad Walrus”



Other Resources


BBC: Name the living thing interactive

What Doesn’t Belong

Desert Animal Classification

Habitat Maker

Animal Homes


Other Resources:

BBC Nature: Habitats



Library Media Kindergarten Curriculum Standards: (abbreviated)

1.1A As a class activate prior knowledge
1.1B Develop questions for research
1.1D Use and navigate Virtual Library for informational resources
1.1F Use simple notetaking strategies
1.1G Follow a defined Inquiry Process model
1.2B Acceptable tech use
2.2A Generate original ideas and products
3.1A Share ideas and info in a group
3.2A Use different ways to communicate knowledge and ideas
3.2A Create a product to communicate ideas 
3.3A Use non-linguistic ways to communicate knowledge
5.1A Use audio applications to express ideas
5.1B Access personal files and folders. Navigate district network
5.1C Use online learning application


Full Version of Fairfield Public Schools Library Media Curriculum