Keyboarding 5th

How to get to TypingPal online:

You must click on the link from our Virtual LLC. It is a unique link just for our school.

How to Log In:


The username is the student’s normal username for logging in at school. Usually first initial then last name.  eg. ksmith

Some students may have a number after the letters. eg. ksmith2

Some students who have usernames less than 5 characters (eg. wlu) will have a different username for TypingPal – usually their whole first and last name. (eg. wendylu)


tigers    (for everyone) (all lowercase)


TypingPal Expectations for 5th Grade:

Remember……. finger placement is THE MOST IMPORTANT aspect for elementary school. Much more important than speed or getting through all the lessons.

Goal: at least 20 WPM and 90% accuracy.

Lessons: Step 1 – Step 7.  no need to do more.    (LEARN TAB)

Practice Texts: Useful Words Section 3 and 4  (MOVE ON TAB)

At school we use this handout to track each student’s progress and to structure a “flow” of lessons and exercises. Feel free to download it and use it at home too.

5th Grade TypingPal Progress Sheet

After finishing all the lessons and exercises, students can go to the MOVE ON TAB and click on IMPROVEMENT. This will produce practice lessons that are specific for that student’s needs based on the data from the lessons and exercises.  Students can continue practicing based on their personal needs.