Marshmallow World


Candle of Hope Alto(5D and 5W)


Candle of Hope Soprano (5F and 5G)


December Nights, December Lights


No School Tomorrow (if it Snows) 5D and 5W


No School Tommorow (If it Snow) 5F and 5D


Interactive Learning – Music Sites

Music Learning Community

PBS Kids – Improvisation

PBS Kids: – Music Games

Making Music Fun – Lots of learning games

Sort the Musical Instruments

BrainPop: One Man Band

Piggy’s Music Lessons

Music Match

Kelly Riley’s Online Music Classroom

Creating Music: Block Game

Creating Music: Same or Different

Creating Music: Rhythm

BBC: Musical Mysteries

Classics For Kids – Games

Disney’s Music Games

PBS Games: More Music Games


Videos on Music Topics

BrainPop – Lots of Brainpop Videos on Different Music Topics


Discovery Ed: Discovering the Performing Arts – Making Music (18 mins)

Discovery Ed:Telling Stories with Tomie dePaola: Music  (20 mins)

Discovery Education: How to Read Music


Discovery Education: Meet the Music Makers

Meet the Music Makers: Tony Trumpet and the Brass Family (23 mins)

Meet the Music Makers: Gus Guitar and His Friends (18 mins)

Meet the Music Makers: Donald Drum and the Percussion Family (24 mins)

Meet the Music Makers: Pete Piano and his Family Tree  (20 mins)

Meet the Music Makers: Victor Violin and his Singing Strings  (20 mins)

Meet the Music Makers: Clarence Clarinet and his Woodwind Friends  (22 mins)  

Discovery Education: Music Appreciation

Music Appreciation: The Sorcerer’s Apprentice  (12 mins)

Music Appreciation: Peter and the Wolf   (19 mins)