Non-fiction Digital TEXT SETS


National Geographic: Mountain Gorillas

National Geographic: Gorilla Rescue

National Geographic VIDEO: Gorilla Talk

Discovery Education VIDEO: Gorilla Survival

Discovery Education VIDEO: Baby Gorillas

Discovery Education VIDEO: Koko’s Kitten



National Geographic: African Elephant

Time For Kids: Elephants Next Act

Time For Kids: Elephant Alert

National Zoo: Asian Elephants

National Zoo VIDEO: Elephant Cam

National Geographic VIDEO: African Elephant Baby

National Geographic VIDEO: Elephant Communication



How Stuff Works: Thanksgiving in Other Cultures VIDEO: Bet You Didn’t Know Thanksgiving

Kids Discover Infographic: 8 Ways to be Thankful for Thanksgiving Infographic: Thanksgiving by the Numbers



Time for Kids: Sailing Through History

HTENews: Titanic’s 100 Years

Scholastic News: Remembering the Titanic

National Geographic VIDEO: How the Titanic Sank VIDEO: A Titanic Survivor Talks Inforgraphic: Titanic by the Numbers


The Moon

Scholastic News: All About The Moon

National Geographic: The History of Space Travel

Infographic: Phases of the Moon

VIDEO: The First Moon Landing in real time – 9 minutes

NASA VIDEO: A Tour of the Moon VIDEO: Phases of the Moon



National Geographic: How Hurricanes Form

Time For Kids: Sandy’s Aftermath

Time For Kids: Interview with a Hurricane Expert

Weather WizKids Website: Hurricanes

National Geographic VIDEO: Hurricanes 101


Roller Coasters

How Stuff Works: Roller Coasters

NewsELA: New Wooden Roller Coaster

DOGO News: A Zero Gravity Roller Coaster

Wonderopolis: How Roller Coasters Work

Discovery Education VIDEO: My Experience at the Amusement Park

Discovery Education VIDEO: Roller Coaster Science – Force


Service Dogs

NewsELA: Service Dogs Help Many People

NewsELA: Dogs to the Rescue

NewsELA: Dogs Help Disabled Farmer

Website: Paws with a Cause

Time For Kids VIDEO: Hardworking Dogs

VIDEO: Working dogs – Tucker

Animal Planet VIDEO: The Making of a Guide Dog

National Geographic VIDEO: Working Dogs