Westward Expansion Online Resources


Discovery Education: Gone West – Growth of a Nation Video (26 mins) BrainPop: Westward Expansion  

The Erie Canal

 History.com: Building the Erie Canal

Discovery Education: Building the Erie Canal Video  

The Gold Rush

PBS: Gold Rush Map

History.com: The Gold Rush

Discovery Education: The Gold Rush

Discovery Education: Bodie: Gold Rush to Ghost Town Video

BrainPop: Gold Rush  

The Homestead Act

PBS FrontierHouse

Discovery Education: The Growth of Towns: The Homestead Act Video

Discovery Education: Living the Frontier Life Video  

Lewis and Clark

Discovery Education: Lewis and Clark Overview Video  (16 mins)

BrainPop: Lewis and Clark Discovering Lewis and Clark

National Geographic Lewis and Clark Kids Know It: Lewis and Clark

National Geographic: Searching for Sacagawea

History.com Louisiana Purchase

History.com: Lewis and Clark Expedition 

History.com: Lewis and Clark Camp Site  

Louisiana Purchase

Discovery Education: Louisiana Purchase  (3:30 mins)

Louisiana Purchase Timeline

Avalon Project – Yale Library

History.com Louisiana Purchase

History.com: Jefferson Expands Presidential Powers  

The Oregon Trail

Discovery Education: The Oregon Trail  (5 mins)

Watch Know Learn: Oregon Trail  

The Pony Express

National Geographic: Pony Express

Discovery Education: Pony Express Video  

The Trail of Tears

Discovery Education: The Cherokee Trail of Tears  (5:25 mins)

BrainPop: Trail of Tears PBS: Trail of Tears  

The Transcontinental Railroad

Discovery Education: The Transcontinental Railroad  (5:48 mins)

History.com Transcontinental Railroad   (3:30 mins)

History.com: Evolution of the Railroads  (4 mins)

PBS: Photo Gallery of Transcontinental Railroad  

The US-Mexican War

Discovery Education: Mexican-American War

PBS: Timeline PBS: Short Video Clips

History.com: Deconstructing the Alamo

History.com: Mexican-American War

America’s Story: Treaty of Guadalupe

Library of Congress: Photographs of the Mexican Conflict