Math Night 2018

Fun Math Interactives and Activities

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factory ballsFactory Balls – Grades 2-5

Drag and Drop a ball over the tools to produce the required ball for shipping. If you want to start over just drag the ball over to the recycling bin.


10 – Grades 2-5

In this game, all you have to do is to make 10! Slide and add numbers to each other on the board to reach your goal. It sounds simple, but will get addictive as you proceed! Each 10 you make becomes a block which can’t be passed, so the more blocks there are, the more difficult it becomes!

bricker 2

Briker 2 – Grades 2-5

Use Arrow Keys to move block to goal.


savvy math

Savvy Math- Grades 2 -5

Use mouse to click on numbers adding up to the sum in the lower left corner before the timer runs out!


fragmentsFragments – Grades 3-5Click on a colored square, then click in the direction you want it to move. Move all the colored squares into the shaded area.

pocket change

Pocket Change – Grades 2-5

Drag out currency from the bottom of the screen to match the total value and number of coins needed on the left. Solve at least 8 combinations before time runs out!


Solve Me Puzzles – Grades 3-5 Choose from three different types of puzzles:  Mobiles (balance), Mystery Grid (logic/magic squares). or Who Am I? (word problems/deduction)



 place value eaters

Place Value Eaters – Grades 2-5

Use arrow keys to move and space bar to eat what it wants shown on the right. For instance, if the bar says to eat 9 tens, you need to eat all the numbers with 9 tens like 92, 91, 97, etc.

 factor feeders

Factor Feeders Grades 4-5

Use Arrow Keys to move. Eat factors of the given multiple. Avoid numbers that are not factors of the given multiple.




multiplication game

The Multiplication Game – Grades 3-5

This game is like Beat the Teach. Each player moves 1 marker per turn. The space on the board is filled by multiplying the 2 markers together. First player to get 4 in a row, wins.

decimal eaters

Decimal Eaters 

Use arrow keys to move and space bar to eat. Or click on correct answer with mouse to move and eat.



MATH NIGHT 2018:  click here for directions to play our Math Night games at home (not online).

 Math Night Games – All Instructions