Your email address will be your username then

You can access your email from any computer in the district by clicking on the Outlook icon.

You can also access your email online from home or any other computer outside the district network. Click here for written directions: 


Please remember the following:

  • Limited  personal use is permitted
  • Maintain the rules of professional communication
  • Subject to the Freedom of Information Act.
  • Every email is archived and backed up – if you delete it we still have a copy – sent and received
  • Use spell check ( F7 key) before sending a message.
  • Be mindful of large email attachments – we have size limits on emails
  • Messages you send are stored in your “Sent” file.
  • Messages you receive are stored in your Inbox.
  • Message you delete are placed in your Recycle box.
  • Your mailbox space is limited- clean/archive your mailbox regularly. This includes both sent and received emails.
  • Email groups are available to communicate to a group of people at once

Other Directions that may be helpful: