FPS Network

The Basics:

  • Each staff computer is connected to a local area network or LAN.
    • LAN’s include specific schools, central office, maintenance, and transportation.
  • Together the different LANs form a WAN (Wide Area Network) which connects each location.
    • This allows you to go to another LAN (school) and access all your files and folders.
    • You can print to any printer in the district.
  • You can access this “network” through a computer that is hard wired into the network or through wireless access. FPS has wireless access at all schools. Please ask the school personnel for passwords on the wireless network.


The Drives:

You will have permission to access many “drives” on the network. Drives are separate areas where files and folders are saved. Different drives have different permissions.

  • H Drive – Your personal, private storage area for your files and folders
  • P Drive – A shared drive. All students and all teachers have access to this drive. 
  • U Drive – This drive has two areas: All Users and Your School. Both are shared drives for teachers/staff only. District level files and folders are accessed through All Users. School level files and folders just for staff are accessed through the U Drive, then your school name.
  • S Drive – Teacher access to all student H Drives in your school
  • C Drive – this is the hard drive on the local computer. So not save any files or folders on the C Drive. The computers “desktop”, “my pictures”, “my documents” are all on the C Drive. Do not use these! They are not backed up and can only be accessed on that specific computer.


Logging in/Passwords:

  • You will receive a username and password to log in to the network.
  • You will be required to change your password upon initial log in and then every 6 months.
  • It is important to complete the security questions, in case you lose your password.
  • If you need to change your password, click CTL, ALT, DELETE, then CHANGE PASSWORD. You will be able to enter your new password. New passwords cannot be one of the ones you used in the last 5 passwords.