Monthly All School Assemblies

Grade One: January 2017

Grade One’s All School meeting was centered around Martin Luther King Jr. The first graders shared a poem, performed a short Reader’s Theater about MLK, sang songs about him, and shared their dreams for our world. MLK wasn’t afraid to make a change, just as Little Tree wasn’t afraid to be different and not shed its leaves.

Grade Four: February 2017

For fourth grade’s Kindness Assembly they wrote the sequel to our all school book, Little Tree.  In their book, Big Tree, they wondered what would happen after Little Tree finally grew into the big tree he was supposed to.  Big Tree spreads kindness onto others, but becomes disheartened when he thinks his kindness isn’t being paid back.  The animals of the forest help Big Tree learn that every little act of kindness is passed on to others.

They then found a connection between their book and the words of The Beatles’ All You Need Is Love.

Student Council will also be hosting a Random Act of Kindness Week here at Riverfield.  Sheets will be going home with students with kind tasks to accomplish.  Once they fill their sheet up they can bring the paper back to school for a voucher for an ice cream from Saugatuck Sweets.

Tom Chapin (presented by the PTA & FAY)

Singer/songwriter Tom Chapin visited Riverfield and performed many of his wonderful songs!


Grade 3: March

Grade 3 students shared what they learned from our All School Read, Little Tree, and connected it with other books that share messages of kindness and friendship. Students shared the writing and artwork they created, narrated their meeting, and sang the song “You’ve Got a Friend in Me” with Mrs. Beatty. You can watch their meeting by clicking on the movie below.

Grade 2: April

Grade 2 students focused on the message from Little Tree that it is important to believe in yourself and others.

To see the Grade 2 presentation, click here 

Patriotic Day Celebration

To see the Patriotic Day celebration, click here

June: Kindergarten & Grade 5 All School Meetings

To see the Kindergarten All School Meeting, click here

To see the Grade 5 All School Meeting, click here