Mrs. Renner’s 8th grade Science Class

Mrs. Renner Welcomes you to 8th Grade Physical Science   2017-2018!

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Schoology is the place where you can access homework assignments, classroom notes, instructional video clips and all class work and handouts I give in class.

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If you are absent it is YOUR job to look at that page and find what you are missing and print it out!  Click on the word Schoology here to take you to the Schoology log on page.

This Schoology page is intended to be an additional source of communication for teachers, students, and parent/guardians. Although it will be updated, it is the responsibility of the student to maintain and update his/her assignments in the Tomlinson Planner.

Everything will have a date next to it when it was assigned and or given out.

Click on word Quizlet for reviews.  

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