Mission and Beliefs of the Fairfield Public Schools


The mission of the Fairfield Public Schools is to inspire students to acquire the
knowledge and skills needed to be life-long leamers, responsible citizens, and
successful participants in an ever changing global society by providing, in partnership
with families and community, a comprehensive, rigorous educational program.


  • We believe all individuals can learn.
  • We believe high expectations drive high achievement.
  • We believe family and community, in partnership, play an essential role in the
    development and education of a child.
  • We believe kindness, respect, and compassion enhance life and improve
  • We believe that growth occurs when independent thinking, creativity, and
    appropriate risk taking are encouraged.
  • We believe valuing and nurturing diversity promotes learning.
  • We believe everyone has the ability and responsibility to make a positive
  • We believe that positive self-image is built through high expectations, honesty and
  • We believe that knowledge and skills acquired should be relevant and adaptable
    for lifelong learning.
  • We believe all students should have equitable access to educational opportunities.
  • We believe in promoting a healthy life.
  • We believe that collaboration and commitment promote the common good.