VOIP Phone Systems


  • Outside telephone numbers, including fax numbers are not changing.
  • Intercom phones (classroom handsets) will be left in place.
  • New Cisco telephones will have 4-digit extensions and if applicable, voice mailboxes, that match the direct line of the user. These 4-digit extensions are used for both internal calls, external calls and voice mail.
    • For example, a user who has the direct line of: 203-255-8277 can be reached internally (from a Cisco phone) by dialing 8277.
    • The same user can be reached by callers outside of the Cisco system by dialing the entire telephone number: 203-255-8277.
    • The same user has a voice mailbox number of 8277.
  • Users who did not have a direct number or phone before who have them now will be assigned numbers that were already Fairfield Public School numbers or assigned numbers from a new block of numbers from Frontier. All direct lines are area code/exchange: 203-255-XXXX.
  • New voice mailboxes will need to be set up. See user guide for instructions. Messages in old system should be deleted before 2/14/19.
  • Caller ID all phones will have caller ID for internal and external calls.
  • Call Waiting (without rollover lines) a second call can come in on the same outside line even if it is busy. The phone will audibly ring once to draw a user’s attention to the display and will show the caller ID of the second caller. The user can answer the call by pressing the flashing key or let it go to voice mail.
  • Message Waiting Indicator all phones have a message waiting light on the handset of the telephone for the primary line on the phone and an indicator on each additional line that appears on the phone when the line is selected.
  • When dialing a long distance number, you will not need to prefix with a “1”. Users will dial 9 and area code and number for long distance.
  • Dialing out – Select the line to use on the left and…
    • Dial 9 and number for outside calls.
    • Remember  that no “1” is needed for long distance calls
    • Dial the 4-digit extension for internal calls.
  • Answering calls – Lift receiver or press speaker or press Answer soft key to answer on   speakerphone.
  • Answering a 2nd call – While on a call, press the flashing session key (right row of buttons) to answer the 2nd call and automatically place the 1st caller on hold.
  • Hold –  Press HOLD key or soft key labeled “HOLD” to put a call on hold.
  • Hold Retrieve –   Press Resume soft key or flashing session key on the right hand side of the display.
  • Transferring calls – While on a call, press Transfer key , dial a 4-digit extension and hang up OR press Transfer again to complete the transfer.
  • Transfer to VM – While on a call, press Transfer key ,  press *, dial extension/mailbox number & hang up OR press Transfer again to complete the transfer.
  • Call Pickup – Press PICKUP soft key to answer a call ringing in your group.  Groups are pre-programmed.  Example:  Main/house offices & counseling offices are in pickup groups.



Accessing voice mail from your office phone/line

    • Press the line key (on the left) associated with the mailbox being checked or set up.
    • Press MESSAGES


  • Enter your PIN followed by #.
  • AS A NEW USER, your default PIN is: 2580#


New users will be taken through a tutorial. You will be instructed to:

  • Record your name for the directory
  • Record your standard greeting
  • Enter a new PIN (Minimum is 4-digits)


Accessing voice mail from any phone when away from your desk or checking a general VM

  • Press MESSAGES key and press * (star)
  • Enter your ID, which is the 4-digit mailbox number followed by #.
  • Enter your PIN followed by #.

Access voice mail from outside of the system

  • Call 203-255-7333 or any number answered by a greeting at FPS. (Note: 203-255-7333 will not be accessible for this feature until the Town buildings are cutover to the Cisco system on 2/26/19. Until then, 203-255-7333 will answer with the old voice mail system.)
  • Press * when you hear the greeting.
  • Enter your ID, which is the 4-digit extension/mailbox number, followed by #.
  • Enter your PIN followed by #.

 Refer to the complete quick reference guide for features.

Park is a feature that allows you to put a call on hold and have any user with a Cisco phone on the Cisco system pick it up.

While on a call, press the soft key labeled: PARK & note the number the call is parked on in the display.
Valid numbers are 6000 – 6029.

Go to another Cisco phone or tell the person who you’d like to pick up the call to dial the 4-digit number that call is parked on.


CONFERENCE CALLS: While on a call;

  1. Press the CONFERENCE key
  2. Dial 4-digit extension or dial 9 and an outside number.
  3. Press the CONFERENCE key again to join parties together.

You may repeat the steps above to have a total of 16 parties, including yourself, on a conference call.


 Refer to the complete quick reference guide for features.

Volume Control key controls the volume on the ringer, speaker and handset.


Applications key used to customize ring tone or access call history (up to 150 records.) Use the navigation key to scroll and select. Use soft keys to view “Details” about a call record. Press the Applications key again to exit.


Contacts key is to access the corporate directory on office phones. Search by first name or last name. Use the navigation key to scroll and select person to dial. Press Contacts key again to exit.