Teacher Email Grade Level/Position
Susan Totilo Smith [email protected] Pre-K
Lori Thompson [email protected] Kindergarten
Kelsey Hegarty [email protected] Kindergarten
Kate Schallau [email protected] Kindergarten
Karen Musante [email protected] Grade 1
Leslie Gorzkowski [email protected] Grade 1
Julie Sherwood [email protected] Grade 1
Lauren Noonan [email protected] Grade 2
Kristen Kurimai [email protected] Grade 2
Olivia Zaleski [email protected] Grade 2
Mei-Ling Uliasz [email protected] Grade 3
Breda O’Sullivan [email protected] Grade 3
Natalie Ciancetta [email protected] Grade 3
Lisa Carpenter [email protected] Grade 4
Nicole Pentore [email protected] Grade 4
Nancy de Regt [email protected] Grade 4
Carol Carbin [email protected] Grade 5
Sabrina Phillips [email protected] Grade 5
Elizabeth Roy [email protected] Grade 5
Lydia McCarthy [email protected] Program Facilitator
Kerry Abramson [email protected] Math/Science Teacher
Judy Salemme [email protected] Library Media Specialist
Gina Dignon [email protected] Language Arts Specialist
Lisa Henkel [email protected] Language Arts Specialist
Matt Varrone [email protected] Psychologist
Rebecca Campbell [email protected] Social Worker
Roni Yessenow [email protected] Art Teacher
Marc Hilinski [email protected] Physical Education Teacher
Kenya McVey [email protected] Physical Education Teacher (Part Time)
Carole Maravich [email protected] Music Teacher
Laura Williams and Susan Welch [email protected]

[email protected]

World Language Teachers
Elizabeth Hayes [email protected] Special Education Teacher
Susan Shea [email protected] Special Education Teacher
Caitlin Frank [email protected]  Special Education Teacher
Jordanna Andrea [email protected] CLC Teacher
Haley Vitko [email protected] Special Education Teacher
Caitlin Carmenati [email protected] Speech and Language
Deirdre McCann [email protected] Occupational Therapist
Michele Farrelly [email protected] Physical Therapist
Cynthia Eckhardt [email protected] Strings Teacher
Patti Buchta [email protected] Band Teacher
Maria Magalhaes [email protected] ELL Teacher