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The start of our season is a little more than a week away. We will be starting on Saturday March 16th at 8 AM for all players in 10th, 11th, and 12th grade. This first tryout should end around 12pm. Freshmen will have their first tryout Saturday from 12- 2:30. All players should come with full lacrosse equipment, including mouth guard as well as running shoes.

Sunday will be 12-3 for 10th, 11th, and 12th grade again, with freshmen going from 2-4pm. Obviously with the storm that we just had and not knowing what next week may bring, this schedule could be subject to change based on field availability.

In preparation for tryouts Saturday all students must be registered on the school’s athletic site, use the link below.

Each student must have an up to date physical on file with the school nurse. If there is any question regarding this, please let me know or reach out to the school nurse directly. The nurse will not be in on Saturday the 16th , so if the physical is in question, your son will not be able to take part in tryouts/practice until Monday the 18th. I have a draft list of physicals, and there are 22 players whose physicals have expired. This is something that must be taken care of immediately.

Please make sure to take care of registration and physicals.

We look forward to getting out on the field! Go Mustangs!!!

Coach Cunningham