Grades K-1 Math Games

Tens Go Fish – just like Go Fish except your job is to make tens!

Addition Subtraction War – This old favorite card game has gone to another level. Play two cards and add them up. Whoever has the highest sum, wins. Play until one player has all the cards. For a twist, subtract the cards or multiply them.

Finding Doubles – Your job is to double the value of the card you draw and cover that sum on the game board. The game is over when no more numbers can be covered. Change it up and try Finding Doubles Plus or Minus One! Play by doubling then adding or subtracting one and finding that number on the game board.

Bears in a Cave – You don’t need bears to play this game: just a cup or bowl and some counters. Decide on the number of “bears” living in the cave. Ten is a great number to start with. Then, while your partner hides his eyes, you put some bears “in the cave.” Your partner has to figure out how many bears are hiding by seeing how many bears are outside the cave.

Cover up thru 12 – A game of strategy. Cover up your game strip before your partner.

Race to 100 Who can make it to 100 first? You don’t need linking cubes to play this game. Simply use beans and Dixie cups. When you make a group of ten beans, put them in the cup and move it to the “tens” place. Once you hit 100, turn around and Race to Zero! PV chart with ten frame (Game Board)

Tangram Puzzle – There are so many things you can do with a set of Tangrams! Try making a square with 2 shapes, 3, 4, 5, 6, and all 7 shapes. Which number of shapes cannot make a square? Try making other shapes like triangles, rectangles, trapezoids, and parallelograms. What else can you make? Large Tangram Template