Zoos – Debate

Should people support or boycott zoos?

“Zoos” from Ducksters  

“Zoos” from allaboutanimals.org.uk 

“Are Zoos a Good Thing?” 

“Tigers Cuddle With Apes” (National GeographicKids)

“Giant Panda Cubs Give Hope to an Endangered Species” by David George Gordonhttp://kids.nationalgeographic.com/kids/stories/animalsnature/giantpandacubs/

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“What Zoos Do”   http://teacher.scholastic.com/scholasticnews/indepth/endangered_species/zoos/index.asp?article=whatzoosdo

“Some clever chimps stage escape at Kansas City Zoo” (By Kansas City Star, adapted by Newsela staff, April 15, 2014) Describes how some chimps caused a “Code Red” by escaping from their enclosure at the zoo. https://newsela.com/articles/chimp-escape/id/3419/

• “Dogs work with elephants at Pittsburgh Zoo” (By Pittsburg Post-Gazette, adapted by Newsela staff). Animals rights group complains it isn’t safe. https://newsela.com/articles/dogs-elephantherding/id/6025/

Public benefits of AZA—Accredited Zoos and Aquariums https://www.aza.org/public-benefits/

• “Animal Enrichment in Zoos.”  https://www.aza.org/enrichment/

Polar Bears in Zoos. From Polar Bear International. http://www.polarbearsinternational.org/about-polar-bears/essentials/polar-bears-in-zoos

Zoos: Pitful Prisons. From PETA International. http://www.peta.org/issues/animals-in-entertainment/animals-used-entertainment-factsheets/zoos-pitiful-prisons/


(video) “The Pros and Cons of Zoos.” From D News. YouTube. http://safeshare.tv/v/ss5698171903f61

(video) Captive Animal Misery in European Zoos. Youtube. http://safeshare.tv/v/ss5698124019ee1

(video) Feeding the Animals at the Smithsonian National Zoo. Youtube. http://safeshare.tv/v/ss5698147d37602