Monthly All School Assemblies

Each month a different Riverfield team or grade level will present an All School Meeting to the whole school. Meetings will be based on the messages and meaning of our all-school read, After the Fall by Dan Santat.

September 2018: Leadership Team

The Riverfield Leadership Team presented the first All School Meeting and introduced our all-school read for the year, After the Fall by Dan Santat. We discussed our successful summer reading program– we logged over 100,000 minutes! We surpassed our school goal! To celebrate, we celebrated with a  party on Friday, September 21st. For a peek at our first All School Meeting, click HERE!

November 2018

Veterans Day Assembly: Our school gathered together for our annual Veterans Day Celebration. The staff hosted a breakfast for Riverfield community members who have a friend or family member who has served in our nation’s military. After breakfast, the school celebrated our veterans by singing, introducing our veterans and their service branch, and by listening to Chrissy Gussen, a former Navy pilot, Riverfield parent, and a student teacher in grade 4, speak about her experiences. To view our Veterans Day celebration, click HERE. 

To view Ms. Gussen’s presentation, click HERE

Grade 1’s All School Meeting 

Grade 1 Students connected their own experiences with Humpty Dumpty’s in After the Fall. At the end of the book, Humpty Dumpty says, “Maybe now you won’t think of me as that egg who was famous for falling. Hopefully, you’ll remember me as the egg who got back up and learned to fly!” Our students reflected on a time they overcame a challenge and used Wixie to draw a picture of how, like Humpty Dumpty, they would like to be remembered for succeeding. To see Grade 1’s Wixie slideshow, click HERE.  Grade 1 students also learned and performed the song “Don’t Give Up” by Bruno Mars with Mrs. Beatty. Then, for one last, wonderful surprise, the band the Alternate Routes joined the Riverfield School and sang their song, “Nothing More”, which is our school song this year, as well as some other original songs.  The band members, Tim Warren and Eric Donnelly, both Fairfield residents, also shared personal stories of overcoming challenges and persevering in the face of adversity. To see Grade 1’s whole All School Meeting, click HERE


Grade 3’s All School Meeting. Grade 3 students made a text-to-text connection between After the Fall by Dan Santat and Rosie Revere Engineer by Andrea Beatty. Students shared their noticing and connected the message of both books to our new STEAM class and how all three encourage students to take risks, try new things, and to keep trying! Mrs. Ferrara, the Grade 3 STEAM teacher, also shared the message of purpose of STEAM! 

To watch our Grade 3 Meeting click HERE

To watch a video featuring our Grade 3 students working in STEAM, click HERE

APRIL 2019

Grade 2’s All School Meeting was inspired by a persuasive letter a grade 2 student wrote to Mrs. Anziano about having a therapy dog visit Riverfield. Grade 2 students connected this student’s idea to the book What Do You Do With an Idea? by Kobi Yamada learned about therapy dogs and how they can help friends at school and other places in the community. Grade 2 students used Wixie to create an image showing a therapy dog helping people. They also sang the song “You’ve Got a Friend in Me”. To see Grade 2’s All School Meeting, click HERE

To see Grade 2’s Wixie slideshow about Therapy Dogs, click HERE

MAY 2019

Our grade 4 and 5 orchestra and band students, as well as our grade 5 chorus, performed for the whole school. To see snippets of their wonderful performance, click HERE

We celebrated our annual Patriotic Day celebration on May 24th! Click here for a peek at this wonderful event organized by Mrs. Beatty. 


JUNE 2019 

Our Kindergarten and Grade 5 students presented our June All School Meeting. Our K students shared what they learned in Kindergarten and our Grade 5 students shared some parting words of wisdom. Both grades sang the song “A Million Dreams” together and Grade 5 ended with our tradition of singing “Mahalo” and thanking Riverfield! You can see the meeting here

Grade 5 Slideshow (Coming soon!)