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Infinite Campus Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get an Infinite Campus account?

Students: Students already have accounts. Their usernames and passwords are the same as the ones they use to get onto the computers in school. All 6th graders will be given computer orientation classes, where they will be instructed how to use Infinite Campus.

Parents/Guardians: Parent/guardian accounts travel with you from one school to another in our district, so if you already have an account it should work. If you have never had an account for Infinite Campus in Fairfield, please email [email protected] to get one.

How do I get on Infinite Campus from home?

There is a link from our school website. Or go to:

As a parent, do I really need my own account or can I use my child’s account?

All parents should have their own accounts. The parent account has permission to update personal household information as well as access to all children in the household at once.

What kind of information do I get on Infinite Campus?

Infinite Campus provides parents and students with constant updates on assignments, communications from the schools, grades, attendance, and personal household information.

What do I do if I have an account, but cannot remember my username and password?

Go to the Infinite Campus website and click on the HELP button. There are links there that will help you.

What do I do if my child cannot access all the assignments on the app?

The smartphone/tablet app does not show all assignments, only ones that will be given a grade directly. Many teachers assign and collect homework, then give a homework grade every few weeks. Many teachers post study guides, announcements and other “assignments” that do not receive a grade. Many teachers also post assignments that have attachments that cannot be pulled up using the app. The full range of assignments can only be seen using Infinite Campus on a computer.