Tomlinson School Counseling Center




The mission of the Tomlinson Middle School Counseling Center is to provide a comprehensive developmental school counseling program that addresses the academic, personal/social, and career development of all students. Through a collaborative effort, School Counselors and parents foster a support system for all students to have access to the tools that will enable them to become responsible and productive citizens.  In addition, our School Social Worker and School Psychologist assist by providing child and family advocacy, assessments, and various interventions.  Our society today is growing rapidly with new opportunities for today’s youth and we wish to support them in managing future challenges and excelling confidently in the 21st century.

The Dean of Students supports the planning, coordination, and administration of school activities and programs, including student conduct, behavior, and performance, afterschool programs, and bus safety.  In addition, the Dean supervises students on campus before and after school, monitors students during lunch, passing periods, and other activities, instructs students in appropriate behavior, and disciplines students in accordance with established guidelines.

Our Counseling Center consists of three (3) grade level School Counselors, a Social Worker, a School Psychologist, and a Dean of Students.  Our desire is to see our students perform and excel, establishing a most rewarding learning community for Tomlinson!   Additionally, we promote a positive culture and climate in our school through constant communications and interventions on a daily basis; we consult and collaborate as a team, with the goal being that your child has a safe, successful, and enjoyble school day, every day!

You may reach us at the following numbers:

School Counseling Center Office:  203.255.8433 or 203.255.8434

Dean of Students Office: 203.255.8337